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The Verticals

The technology expertise is spread across various industry types and business sizes. It's our specialty to deliver output with similar perfection and maximum ROI for every industry type. Our technology experts dive deep into every project requirement and thereafter curate perfect solutions.

At Techivies we excel in creating multiple
genre of applications

Healthcare & Lifesciences

At techivies we offer bespoke healthcare IT consulting and technology solutions to effectively improvise patient care right from the hospital to home. We provide expert services in the healthcare sector with new technology. From mobile devices to patient care solutions to remote consultation, everything is connected. Our healthcare IT solutions include business consulting, application development, testing, mobility, analytics, and maintenance.

  • Hospital Management Solution

  • Telemedicine Solution

  • Laboratory Services

  • Pharmacy Solutions

  • Clinical Communication System

  • Chiro Practice Solution

  • Health and Fitness

  • Food and Diet Plan Solutions

Food and Hotel

In foodservice industry one of the most sought-after ideal technology is that of ghost or cloud kitchens. It is a great cost saver when we talk about physical location. At Techivies you get all types of technology-driven IT support for your food and hotel business like that of an effective food delivery app that is customized as per your customers’ demands and desires.

  • Chatbots

  • Custom Restaurant Mobile App

  • Tabletop Ordering System

  • Voice Technology

  • Restaurant POS System

  • AI and Advanced Robotics

  • Automation

  • Blockchain


Techivies is a full-stack retail industry solutions provider known to offer holistic technological support to retailers and organizations all over the world. We provide best of the user experience and operational assistance. We help you build an online omnichannel ecosystem for increased conversions and user engagements. Our team offers end-to-end retail technology solutions for an excellent shopping experience for your customers.

  • Magento Enterprise Solution

  • Virtual 3D Store

  • Retail ERP Software

  • Multi-Vendor Platform

  • Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

  • Purchase Customized Product

  • Delivery Solution


For a bespoke and fascinating online shopping experience, Techivies designs and delivers E-commerce IT solutions that meet your customers’ requirements, offer a secure shopping experience and provide operational analytics for sales and marketing purposes. Right from B2B to B2C we extend our technological support across various industry verticals. We cater to both backend and frontend assistance to any E-commerce business.

  • Purchase Products Online

  • E-stores

  • M-Commerce

  • Multi-Currency Support

  • Online Shopping Cart

  • Multiple Payment Options

  • E-Commerce App Development

  • E-Commerce Web Development


After thorough analysis and research of the business needs of your insurance company, we advice robust IT solutions that could enhance customer service and business productivity. Our IT solutions for the insurance industry helps insurers to elevate service delivery speed, minimize labor costs, get insurance data accuracy and comply with government guidelines. It also boosts digital lead generation and application efficiency and also claims management.

  • Claim Estimation

  • Underwriting

  • CRM

  • Injury Management

  • Data Analytics

  • Customer Portal

  • Business Intelligence

  • After Launch Support and Maintenance

Transportation & Logistis

We offer state-of-the-art latest tech solutions in the field of logistics and transportation industry. It helps you oversee and manage the inward and outward flow of goods from the manufacturing factory to the end-users. Our integrated IT solutions aids in meeting clients’ requirements and provide value addition to your business. The technology experts at Techivies design solutions that boost real-time visibility, enhance productivity, optimize the processes and finally fulfill delivery benchmarks.

  • Warehouse Management

  • Courier Delivery System

  • Fleet Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Transportation Management Solutions

  • Distribution

  • Freight Forwarding Optimization

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

Real Estate

We offer real estate technology solutions that help in simplifying the transactions along with maintaining accuracy. Get real-time, cost-effective real estate and property solutions that would provide your business a cutting edge and thereby optimize the results. We streamline the real estate process and encourage seamless collaboration between the real agents, companies, brokers, and customers.

  • Common Area Maintenance Software

  • ERP

  • CRM

  • AR/VR Property Tool

  • Property Marketplace

  • Property Auction Portal

  • Customize Plans

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Entertainment & Media

The industry of Entertainment & Media is overwhelmed with immense data, which in-turn requires its effective management and analysis. Techivies offers advanced technology support and custom software development services for this niche. Get ready to boost your customer relationships and create future-ready infrastructure which is far ahead in terms of digitization. We take care of functions like Media Monitoring, Ad Operations, Content Operations and Media Cloud Infrastructure Services.

  • Ad Operations

  • Content Operations

  • Media Cloud Infrastructure Services

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