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We harness the power of design, software and technology to solve all your digital problems. Since 2012, we have been successfully offering world-class designing and software solutions to our global clients from different business genres. We offer solutions related to mobile app development, web development, web design, DevOps, IOT, digital marketing, AI & ML, QA, Start-up and products.

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Web Development

At Techivies, web development is accomplished with application of reliable methodologies and tested & proven industry practices to achieve the anticipated target. Right from eCommerce to enterprise solutions, we create striking and reactive interfaces for the futuristic websites giving maximum returns and branding to your business.

  • reactjs
  • angular js
  • vue-js
  • laravel
  • rails
  • flask
  • nodejs technology
  • SPA (Single Page Application)

  • Custom Web App Development

  • E-commerce applications

  • Portal web applications

  • Animated web applications

  • Content management systems (CMS)

  • Progressive Web Apps

  • JavaScript Powered Web Apps

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Mobile App Development

Get professional mobile app development solutions that are customized as per your business’s exclusive necessities. Right from small businesses to big enterprises, we understand and bring unerringly what is expected from us. Our squad of mobile app developers offer their support and plans at every stage of mobile app development. Here are the types of mobile apps that we create:

  • reactjs
  • flutter
  • xamarin
  • swift
  • ionic
  • cordova
  • jquery
  • Exemplary Mobile Experiences

  • iOS App Development

  • Android App Development

  • Mobile Apps Driven by Cloud

  • Progressive Web App Development (PWA)

Website Designing Company

We design the user interface which complies with the features of a device or an application permitting the users to have smooth and intuitive interaction. It’s our branding approach for the digital products that makes certain UX vision is in alignment thereby offering bespoke solutions to the problems.

  • adobe_xd
  • figma
  • adobe illustrator service
  • adobe photoshop
  • invision
  • UX Research & Analysis

  • Design Thinking Consultants

  • Wireframe & Interactive Prototyping Services

  • High Fidelity Prototype

  • UX/UI Design

  • Mobile App & Responsive Design

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Digital Marketing Company

Being a digital marketing practitioner, we offer made-to-measure Social Media, Paid Ads and SEO solutions to tap in maximum website traffic for business. Our proficient team of digital marketers imbibe top-notch digital strategies in every project that guarantees increased web traffic, more visibility and elevated conversion rates.

  • seo digital marketing company
  • pay per click
  • social media marketing company
  • content writing
  • Email marketing service
  • mobile-marketing
  • SEO

  • PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Devops Technologies

Starting from setup to automation, continuous delivery and monitoring, we are present at every step of your app development journey to pacify all your business and user prerequisites. We at Techivies become an extension of your team, working round the clock to deliver customized results that align with your business’s unique needs.

  • gradle
  • github
  • reactjs
  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • ansible
  • nagios
  • Infrastructure Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Code Inspection & Integration

  • DevOps Automation Service

  • Virtualization

machine learning development services

AI - ML App Development

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has become an integral part of a major chunk of businesses. We create robust digital solutions using the latest technology and toolset for that out-of-the-world experience.

  • transportation it solutions
  • cib firebase services
  • spark
  • python
  • PyTorch
  • Deep Learing

  • Machine Learning

  • Natural Language Processing

  • AI Design

  • Neural Networks

  • AI Based Solutions

Blockchain & Decentralise apps

The decentralized applications are software pieces that communicate effectively with Blockchain, known to manage the state of all networks. We excel in Blockchain development services whose goal is to create decentralized blockchain networks. It facilitates in establishing novel business models and offers companies with better traceability of their transactions and data.

  • ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • corda
  • Database management system
  • Public Blockchain

  • Private Blockchain

  • Consortium Blockchain

  • Hybrid Blockchain

fleet management system

Software Testing Services and Solutions

Get 100% assurance of the quality of your software/digital products. Whether it is your website, software, web apps, mobile apps, API testing or more, we undertake every testing in a systematic phase-wise manner to ensure all is well at every point. Thus ensuring smooth business functioning and positive outcomes.

  • kobiton
  • Katalon
  • selenium
  • micro-focus
  • Black Box Testing

  • Manual testing

  • Automated testing

  • Continuous testing

  • End to End Testing

  • Functional Testing

  • Load Testing


IOT technology and devices that run on it are present as well as our future. We develop state-of-the-art, latest IOT technology laced devices and software to provide realistic on-hands automation experiences to the end users. We also develop software for the IOT enabled software products and devices.

  • deviceHive
  • kaa-iot
  • machine learning development company
  • ge-predix
  • think-speak
  • eclipse
  • openhab
  • Oracle
  • Industrial Automation

  • Home Automation

  • Smart Healthcare

  • Connected Devices

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Startup IT Solutions

We help you realize your corporate vision, conceptualize it and emerge into a real start-up and products. A stepwise planning, brainstorming and research goes behind designing the start-up and product idea.

  • restaurant-management-software
  • online shopping cart solutions
  • medical
  • food-delivery
  • Online booking App
  • Market Analysis

  • Data Analysis

  • UX Research

  • Wirefram & Prototype

  • Proof of Concept

  • Digital marketing

  • Finaicial consultant

Big-Data Services

The Big Data and Analytics services at Techivies aids in analysing the large chunks of information in order to offer deepest insight of the undiscovered horizons. Our team of data scientists resort to a unique approach to get solutions that evaluates every piece of information before coming to any business decision.

  • hadoop
  • apache-spark
  • samza
  • flink
  • heron
  • presto
  • Data Lake Development

  • Data Warehouse Services

  • Data Quality

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Pipelines

cloud computing services

Cloud Computing Services

Microsoft being the second largest cloud provider in the IT market. We offer Azure, Amazon Web Services and other premium data services. We deal into all kinds of cloud computing services, databases, data storage, networking and security and much more.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft_Azure
  • alibaba-cloud
  • cloud services company
  • International Business Machines
  • Azure

  • AWS

  • Google Cloud

  • Digital Ocean

  • Whmcs

  • Mongo atlas

  • Google work space

  • AWS-Consulting

  • Cloud Consulting

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Client Centric Approach

It’s the best that we settle for, just good enough is not our cup of tea. Clients’ satisfaction is our paramount reward and triumph.



Each segment of development is agile to ensure extreme potential is tapped and the business goals are achieved as per the requirement.


Faster Turnaround Time

On-time and on-budget project delivery is our forte. From the start of the project, we conserve a strict schedule to


Production and Technical Support

B2B and B2C mobile apps for organizations ready to adopt a mobile-first world.


UX Driven Engineering

B2B and B2C mobile apps for organizations ready to adopt a mobile-first world.


Security & Intellectual Property

Solve your unique business challenges by building custom applications.


Mentorship and Learning

Build enterprise-grade web apps that power mission-critical workflows. without any operational overhead.


Complete Customer Support

B2B and B2C mobile apps for organizations ready to adopt a mobile-first world.

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