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Devops Technologies

We help you accelerate your business journey by focusing on modern methodology for the sake of development and operations, which is popularly known as DevOps. The different technology tools used by us includes AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean , Google Cloud, GIT , Bitbucket and Github.

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Infrastructure Management

A cloud infrastructure Management system is crucial for all business companies that aim to develop a DevOps methodology. Infrastructure Management comprises several designs, planning, and other activities that help in enhancing DevOps methodology.

We at Techivies offer several cloud computing services and platforms using Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and much more. Our trained and experienced team and advanced tools and software make infrastructure management a cakewalk for our clients.

  • Android

  • Flutter

  • Ionic Native

  • React Native

Configuration Management

Configuration management is used to maintain a product’s consistency, functions, physical attributes, and the like. It also helps in standardizing the resource configurations and strengthening your IT infrastructure. Techivies assists you in developing an

automated and agile configuration management technique for your business. We use various cloud infrastructure platforms like Digital Ocean, Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to offer top-notch services to our clients.

  • iOS

  • Flutter

  • Ionic Native

  • React Native

Code Inspection and Integration

Code inspection and integration are some of the most crucial parts of your business. It would be best if you had an experienced DevOps engineer to carry out these services. We at Techivies offer you an efficient base of engineers

who assist you in altering your codes, testing the efficiency of existing codes, and verifying them. We also help you integrate different codes using clod software platforms like Goggle Cloud, Digital Ocean, GIT, and Github.

  • React Native

  • Ionic Native

  • Xamarin

  • Flutter

DevOps Automation Service

DevOps Automation service plays a crucial role in increasing the agility and efficiency of companies. Thus, through DevOps automation services, companies can reduce their total production time, enhancing their delivery speed. Techivies assists you in implementing efficient

automation services within your business operations to increase your company’s efficiency in meeting deadlines. With Techivies, you need not worry about unnecessary delays. We use Bitbucket, GIT, Digital Ocean, and several other software for this.

  • Angular

  • Ionic Native

  • Vue JS

  • React JS


Virtualization helps in breaking barriers in DevOps organizations. Developers and IT teams can use the same computer and networks through the process of virtualization.

This not only makes the process easier but also cost-effective. Techivies ensures your company's complete and efficient virtualization through different cloud software and platforms like GIT, AWS, Azure, and many others.

  • React Native

  • Ionic Native

  • Xamarin

  • Flutter

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