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Our Technology Services

At Techivies we bridge the gap between the most complex of technologies to easy installation or usage for your business. We have come a long way since our inception, making companies from different industries take complete advantage of the latest technologies.

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Technology spectrum we have

Frontend Technology

Our custom frontend development technologies help you sail through smoothly all stages of building customized mobile applications like- consulting, development, maintenance and support. We are a full-stack front end development company delivering applications that are responsive and fulfill your business requirements. Angular, Vue JS, React JS, Knockout JS and others are front end technologies we deal into.

  • Php
  • angular
  • reactjs
  • nextjs
  • nestJs
  • wordpress
  • python
  • jquery
  • javascript
  • typescript
  • dotNet
  • java
  • laravel
  • codeigniter
  • PHP

  • Angular

  • React Js

  • Next Js

  • Nest Js

  • Wordpress

  • Python

  • Jquery

  • Javascript

  • Typescript

  • .Net

  • JAVA

  • Laravel

  • CodeIgniter

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Mobile Technology

We use diverse mobile technologies like Ios App development, flutter apps development, ionic apps development, android apps development and more to craft mobile applications that are futuristic in nature and offers maximum ROI to the users. After extensive research and study, our team takes decision about which technology should go well with your project requirements.

  • reactjs
  • ionic
  • android
  • ios
  • flutter
  • kotlin
  • swift
  • Xamarin
  • React Native

  • Ionic

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Flutter

  • Kotlin

  • Swift

  • Xamarin

Backend Technology

Backend of a given mobile application concerns mainly the operating system that includes functions like application, updates and maintenance. We make sure that it stays completely fit and up-to-date. We take care of all the three parts of backend i.e. server, application and database. Our backend developers are experts in backend technologies like .Net, Java and PHP.

  • nodejs
  • php
  • laravel
  • Codeigniter
  • Express JS
  • Hapijs
  • Sails js
  • .NET
  • JAVA
  • Node Js

  • PHP

  • Laravel

  • Codeigniter

  • Express Js

  • Hapi Js

  • Sails JS

  • .NET

  • JAVA

Backend Development service
cms technology


CMS development at Techivies is known for the tailored solutions that makes it convenient to create, store, organize, modify and publish the web content. Our customized CMS solutions are cost-effective and perfect that gives boost to the website lead generation. Magento development, Shopify development, WordPress development, Joomla development and others are CMS that we provide to the users.

  • php
  • angular
  • reactjs
  • wordpress
  • dotNet
  • java
  • laravel
  • codeigniter
  • joomla
  • drupal
  • cakePhp
  • PHP

  • Angular

  • React Js

  • Wordpress

  • .Net

  • JAVA

  • Laravel

  • CodeIgniter

  • Joomla

  • Drupal

  • CakePHP


We adopt design first approach for your projects that are so close to your heart. The expert team of designers at Techivies help in turning your imaginations and dreams into reality with state-of-the-art designing tools and technologies. We use latest technologies for our three step process of – discovery, design and development.

  • html
  • css
  • bootstrap
  • vsCode
  • adobe photoshop
  • adobe_xd
  • figma
  • sketch
  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Bootstrap

  • VS Code

  • Photoshop

  • XD

  • Figma

  • Sketch

ui design company
database technology


Right from startups to enterprises we offer expert Database technology services that kelps you achieve your business goals strategically. The database solutions offered by our team foster data access round the clock and provide complete support to the business operations and in decision making process. Firebase database development, MySQL database development, Oracle database development, etc. are few database solutions that we provide.

  • mongo-db
  • mysql
  • postgresql
  • Oracle
  • ibm
  • redis_icon
  • mariadb
  • dynamodb
  • sqlite_icon
  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • Postgresql

  • The Oracle

  • IBM DB2

  • Redis

  • MariaDB

  • DynamoDB

  • SQLite

Infra and DevOps

The Infra and DevOps technology services at Techivies are known to improvise the agility, efficiency with the technology and time to market. We help in successful collaboration of configuration management, infrastructure automation and analytics. Also our DevOps technology experts’ aids in creating robust application across different platforms.

  • git
  • github
  • bitbucket
  • bamboo
  • jira
  • trello
  • gradle
  • docker
  • aws
  • azure
  • digitalocean
  • kubernetes
  • jenkins
  • GIT

  • Github

  • Bitbucket

  • Bamboo

  • Jira

  • Trello

  • Gradle

  • Docker

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • DigitalOcean

  • Kubernetes

  • Jenkins

infra devops technology
communication technology


At any given point of mobile app development, the most important aspect is to have clear lines of communication. Transparent and seamless communication is guaranteed at every step of app development as well as with the end users through the use of latest technologies. Clarity in communication is the key to our success.

  • black_skypee
  • zoom
  • googleMeet
  • slack
  • team
  • discord
  • Skype

  • Zoom

  • Google Meet

  • Slack

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Discord

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