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Blockchain & Decentralise Apps Development

We empower your business with production-grade enterprise Blockchain. Our team helps in building next generation of synchronized systems complied with unparalleled compliance time-to-market and scalability standards.

We turn your imagination into a real-time app that offers a game-changing experience

Public Blockchain

Public blockchains help in greater visibility as anybody can use or access them. Thus, a public blockchain is efficient for your company and can improve your brand name or visibility. Techivies uses an

efficient method of blockchain formation and helps its clients maximize your business’ reach. However, we also help you improve data security in public blockchains and avoid cyber threats by setting up a highly encrypted system.

  • Android

  • Flutter

  • Ionic Native

  • React Native

Private Blockchain

Private blockchains offer a restricted framework where individuals only within the organization can access it. Indeed, private blockchains have greater data security and are safer for most clients.

It is also the best for organizational operations. We at Techivies help you create highly secure and efficient private blockchains for your enterprise, along with ensuring a user-friendly interface for the same.

  • iOS

  • Flutter

  • Ionic Native

  • React Native

Consortium Blockchain

If you want to manage a network in partnership with another organization, you must resort to consortium blockchains. These blockchains are partially decentralized, where it is managed by more than a single organization.

Techivies implements several efficient tools and technology to develop such consortium blockchains effectively and strives to ensure its clients do not face complications while handling the network.

  • React Native

  • Ionic Native

  • Xamarin

  • Flutter

Hybrid Blockchain

As the name suggests, a hybrid blockchain has both public and private blockchain features. These are apt for organizations that want to offer partial autonomy to their target customers. Thus, a portion of

the data is made public in a hybrid blockchain, while the rest are restricted. Techivies helps you build such a complex network and manage different kinds of data without any challenge.

  • Angular

  • Ionic Native

  • Vue JS

  • React JS

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