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We are the leading Web App Development Agency when it comes to solutions like Single Page Application, Custom Web Development, E-commerce Applications, Portal Web Applications and more. The team at Techivies excel into giving life to your dream of best app development by using latest technologies.

We turn your imagination into a real-time app that offers a game-changing experience

Single Page Application

Gone are the days of reloading all the web pages whenever a client visits a new page. Our single page application services help in rewriting current pages to enhance your clients’ experience. Our skilled professionals use Javascript

to ensure a hassle-free interaction with the web pages. We use HTML5, HTML6, VueJS, and React to enhance our user’s experience and determine top-notch efficiency in creating Single Page Applications.

  • ReactJS

  • EmberJS

  • Backbonejs

  • Meteorjs

  • Nextjs

Custom Web Development

Techivies helps you to create a customized website for your products and services, directed towards your target customers. We provide efficient server-side development with React JS, Angular JS, Next Js, and PHP specially tailored for your needs.

Our WordPress professionals also ensure top-notch content quality for your website, helping it to attract the masses. Techivies also offers efficient PHP frameworks like Codegenitor and Laravel to help you create the best website for your business.

  • PHP

  • Angualar

  • ReactJs

  • NextJs

  • .NET

  • JAVA

E-commerce Applications

E-commerce applications are synonymous with an online store promoting your brand and offering to handle goods, services, and payments through a user-friendly interface. We at Techivies help you encourage

customer engagement by creating easy-to-use e-commerce applications. Our highly advanced e-commerce web application development platforms include Magento, Shopify and WordPress.

  • Java

  • PHP

  • Shopify

  • Magento

  • Angular

Portal Web Applications

Portal web applications help you pin various services on the home page. These include chatbots, forums, user registration, emails, and much more. Thus, portal web applications enhance the accessibility of your website,

Techivies masters in implementing Electron JS and Node JS, which helps in building cross-platform applications. We also use an array of PHP platforms like Laravel and Angular JS to develop portal web applications.

  • Angular

  • React Js

  • Vue JS

  • PHP

  • .NET

Animated Web Applications

Animated web applications help you boost client engagement using animated effects and FLASH technology. Our React JS and JavaScript technologies allow you to integrate various features in your web application and have an innovative outlook

We also use HTML4, HTML5, and HTML6 technologies to help you create an engaging web application. Our professional team ensures your web application has several animated effects to promote your products and services better.

  • NextJs

  • ReactJs

  • Wordpress

  • Javascript

Content Management Systems

Content management systems help you to modify and edit your website’s content without beginning from scratch. Thus, you need not code your website again and can change only specific content. We at Techivies assist you with editing your website content using several technologies and content management software.

We also use different PHP frameworks like Codegenitor and Laravel and offer several server-side software like Angular JS, React, and Next JS. We specially focus on managing e-commerce content using e-commerce application development platforms like Magento.

  • Angular

  • React

  • Codeigniter

  • Laravel

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps allow customers to access all the features of the website using a mobile browser. Thus, progressive web apps are more user-friendly with greater adaptability. At Techivies, we offer a range of platforms for developing

progressive web apps using Angular, Vue JS, React JS, and Ionic. Our professional team and advanced technology help you enhance your customer base by developing such interactive and adaptable applications.

  • Angular

  • Ionic

  • ReactJs

JavaScript Powered Web Apps

JavaScript Powered Web Apps provide greater adaptability by focusing on the needs of the clients. They offer a range of services like responding to the users’ requests and handling them. JavaScript powered web apps are also SEO optimized

and have a more incredible performance. We implement a range of front-end development frameworks like Node.js, Angular.js, Vue.JS, Next.JS, Angular, and React.js to assist you in developing JavaScript powered apps.

  • Javascript

  • ReactJs

  • ExpressJs

  • NextJs

  • VueJs

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