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We are the creative technical geeks creating enchanting web designs that continue to lure the masses for long-time. We put tools like Html, CSS, Photoshop, FIgma, Illustrator and Adobe XD to their best use.

We turn your imagination into a real-time app that offers a game-changing experience

UX Research and Analysis

UX Research helps you map the tastes and preferences of your target customers and alter your products and website design accordingly. Our UX research and analysis services help you get more significant insights

into your target customers and develop a more efficient website. We use HTML, Adobe XD, Illustrator, and several other tools to design your website according to the changing trends in your target customers.

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite

  • Adobe XD

Design Thinking Consultants

Our professional design thinking consultants offer an in-depth understanding of your target customer base. We offer you several design strategies based on studying the tastes and preferences of your target group.

Techivies uses HTML, Photoshop, and several other designing tools to enhance the engagements offered by your website. Need assessment, ideation, and MVP prototyping are our specialized areas.

  • Adobe XD

  • Figma

  • InVision

  • Framer

Wireframe & Interactive Prototyping Services

Wireframe services offer a framework or a skeleton for the final digital product you publish on your website. We at Techivies use both wireframe and prototyping services to enhance the visuals of your online business.

We help you take your business a notch higher by offering you HD image representations through several tools like Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop and Flgma to help you reach your customers better.

  • Pencil

  • Adobe XD

  • UXPin

  • Figma

High Fidelity Prototype

High fidelity prototype helps you resemble products and services that are the closest match to the actual ones. Thus, high fidelity prototyping helps you to attract a more significant customer base through a more realistic

approach towards your products. We, at Techivies use Flgma, Adobe XD, Illustrator, and several other tools to project your products and services better. We ensure the customers perceive your products most realistically.

  • Adobe XD

  • UXPin

  • Figma


UX/UI Design

UX/UI design helps you to set up a more engaging and user-friendly website. Techivies uses different pleasing tools and software to enhance the aesthetics of your page. We also ensure developing

a user-friendly interface to maximize your business growth. Our professional team also guides business owners on the recent page designing trends to keep up with time.

  • Bootstrap

  • Material Design


Mobile App & Responsive Design

A responsive design is the most efficient for creating mobile apps. These help you resize your screen, hide and show various options in your app. Thus, these designs enhance the usability of your website, facilitating target customers to use it more efficiently.

Techivies uses advanced software and tools to create such responsive designs and enhance the user-friendliness of your mobile apps. Our professionals also help you change the designs as per your requirements.

  • Bootstrap

  • Material Design


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For the organizations that are ready to embrace a mobile first world and plunge into the world of mobile app development for rich user experiences.

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